Enchanted Forest Silver Spiral Bracelet


Hand Hammered Argentium Silver Spiral Adjustable Bracelet.

Hawaii Jewel Spiral jewelry is inspired by the ancient symbol of growth, expansion and cosmic energy.

The Silver Spiral bracelet wears beautifully with the spiral necklace and earrings.

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I have always been infatuated with ferns.  Especially the large fuzzy, unfurling ones from Hawaii. In ancient Polynesian cultures, the unfurling fern means, new growth, a new beginning, which is exactly like my experience moving here.  The spiral represents the fern capturing this cosmic energy.  Using wire to duplicate this shape is such a joy!  When it is gold wire, which is a warmer color metal, it has such a different feeling than using silver wire- a cooler color.  A spiral is a great symbol to wear every day. One that reminds us, Every day we grow and expand more as human beings.  ~ Toni Cordas, Founder Hawaii Jewel


The Hand Crafted Spiral Silver Bracelet makes an elegant Hawaiian gift for yourself or any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday..

Hand Made Spiral Silver Bracelet