54″ Waterfall Design Tahitian Pearl Necklace in Gold


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This “Waterfall” Necklace cascades itself on your neck as it loops around twice.   A super fun and versatile necklace!

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Two different style chains comprise this 54″ long necklace.   The larger chain lays opposite of the smaller one.   An 11mm and 10 mm Tahitian Pearl are the focal points of this spectacular and unique piece.

These pearls are lustery, dark and greenish.

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 This piece is the artist's favorite!

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Also available in Silver!

Warning:  Pearl wearing is addictive!!!  Every girl loves pearls! The Hawaiian woman's diamond. Born of the ocean on Tahiti these “black pearls”come in all lustrous and inspiring shades:  cream, bronze, brown, green, blue, yellow, and silver.  My fun level in creating art soared to new heights when I started to incorporate these gems from mother nature.  Adding all of these exotic colors into my pieces keeps me making more. each pearl is unique and the Rainbow of colors is endless!  The warm color of the gold metal inspires me to use the warmer, greener pearls. The cool color of the silver inspires me to use the cooler, silvery pearls.  ~ Toni Cordas, Founder Hawaii Jewel

The 54″ Waterfall Style Gold Tahitian Pearl Necklace makes an elegant Hawaii gift for yourself or any occasion such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday.

54″ Waterfall Design Gold Tahitian Pearl Necklace