Essence of Plumeria Handcrafted Three Tier Gold Necklace


Inspired by the wafting fragrance of sweet smelling flowers in the gentle breezes of the Island, remember your trip to Kauai with a Hand Hammered 14 Karat Gold filled  Three Tier Plumeria Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain. Each unique Plumeria is hand bent!  Wear the neacklace with Plumeria earrings, bracelet and ring.

The Three Tier Plumeria Necklace is also beautiful in silver!

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The Hand Made Plumeria Design 3 Tier Gold Necklace makes an elegant Hawaii gift for yourself or any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday.

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Hand Crafted Plumeria Style Three Tier Gold Necklace